Why Digital Lock Better Than Ke

Are you getting tired of using traditional locks and keys? Looking for a way to upgrade your security game? We’ve got one solution for you, and that is digital locks!

Digital locks are the newest way for locksmiths to keep up with technology and elevate your security game at the same time. With the convenience of keyless entries, improved access control, and easier installation, digital locks are taking the world by storm.

So why is a digital lock better than a key, you ask? Please keep reading our article to find out!

What Is A Digital Lock?

A digital lock is an electronically – or battery-powered lock, that does not require the use of physical keys to grant access. Similar to traditional locks, digital locks also utilise a latch or bolt that runs across the door and the doorframe to control access. 

Digital locks come with various automated features to offer creative security solutions for our property. By this, we mean that the latch can be controlled by mediums such as RFIDs, pin codes, smartphones, fingerprints, and more. This is heaps more advanced than traditional locks which need physical keys to be opened. Other features found in digital locks include the following:

  • Various authentication and backup methods
  • Several solutions for access 
  • Integration of alarm system
  • Integration of tamper-proof features
  • Customised programming
  • Customised LED signals
  • Options for troubleshooting 
  • Option for smartphone operation

You will often find digital locks on cars, lockers, cabinets, and even furniture. They’re commonly used for many businesses because they are economical and also allow for better recording of entries and exits. 

Why Digital Lock Better Than Key

Benefits Of A Digital Lock

Digital locks offer many advantages over traditional locks. The automated features previously mentioned above are examples of these benefits. Other benefits also include the following:

  1. With digital locks, you will have proper control of how many key copies there are. You will be certain of the number of keys that are present in circulation.
  2. You will only have one key for everything. With a simple access key like a fingerprint, a smartphone command, and more, you wont need to carry multiple keys to gain access to multiple doors. 
  3. Digital encryption can be incorporated so that the security code of the lock is not visible.
  4. You won’t need to worry about losing your keys. Access rights of lost keys can be removed so that if someone uses that key they will not be able to access the lock. Keys, cards, and fingers have access rights if the lock is programmed to permit this. 
  5. You can update access rights which can be quickly changed in the software of the administrators. The changes will be easily translated to the digital lock. 
  6. Remote updates are possible as most digital locks are connected to networks that permit remote changes to access rights.
  7. There are various security features of digital locks that make them much more secure than mechanical or traditional locking systems.
  8. Digital locks are easy to use and install, even if you are not necessarily tech-savvy. Electronic locks do not require wiring and pin codes can be changed easily. 
Why Digital Lock Better Than Key

All of the benefits mentioned above are why you’ll find many digital locks used in settings such as schools, hospitals, offices, and more. When you have control over a key’s access rights better, you avoid the hassle of changing locks when you lose your keys and have a key that can be used for every lock, you’ll definitely feel much safer where you are. 

Final Thoughts

Digital locks and electronic locks are the fast-growing option for many individuals looking to upgrade their security systems whether it be at home, in the office, or for places such as large campuses. Unlike traditional locks, they have various automated features that allow you to customise security, keep updated on who is entering and exiting your property, update access points, and many more. Truly, digital locks are becoming a popular option for various security systems nowadays.

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