‘Convenience, Key less and  Modern’

We have a great range of Key less entry locks available for Residential or Commercial applications.


The Carbine CEL3in1 touchscreen locks are a digital lock offered in leverset, deadbolt and mortice variants. It provides a keyless locking solution that allows you to give contractors, tradies, cleaners, short term tenants, children and more, easy access to your business, home or rental, for when you are not there.

  • Fits in standard 54 mm lockset hole, no additional drilling required
  • Touch keypad with backlight
  • Key override
  • RFID card entry
  • Works on “13.56Mhz” frequency, it has MiFare NFC
  • If a customers phone model is not compatible with the CEL lock, we have RFID stickers available to attach to back of a mobile phone
  • RFID Cards & wristbands also available & sold separately
  • Access codes, RFID cards & phones are programmed through the lock
  • Codes from 4 – 8 digits
  • Can be put in Passage mode, hold ‘set’ for 1 second
  • C4 keyway 6 pin PD style cylinder, keyed to 5 pin key
  • Suits door thicknesses of 35mm to 51mm
  • 60-70mm adjustable bolt
  • Requires 4 AA batteries, for best results we recommend you use only Duracell Procell batteries
  • Battery life of 5000 openings
  • RFID stickers available to attach to back of your mobile phone
  • Available in Satin Chrome or Black


For 30 years Lockwood’s iconic 001 has been securing homes in Australia. The 001 as we know it today has now become digital. As with the original product, the 001Touch uses the 001 Deadlatch to secure the door internally however, the external cylinder has been replaced with a stylish digital touch screen keypad. The ability to use a pin code or key card offers a convenient keyless solution.

  • The touch screen keypad has no mechanical buttons which means no trace of your secret pin code.
  • Choose a pin code from 4 – 12 digits, this could be ideal for children or occupants that lose keys on a regular basis.
  • Program up to 20 Key cards into your lock and have the ability to remove them individually.
  • You have the option to lock the 001Touch with the internal key, the key card and pin number automatically unlocks upon entry. This safety release function minimises the chance being locked inside your house.
  • Unlock your door up to 10,000 times with one set of 4 x AA batteries. We recommend the batteries are changed every 12 months regardless.
  • The Keypad is designed to withstand most weather conditions.
  • You have the ability to program a code that may last from 3 – 336 hours. This is ideal when a tradesman requires access to your house for a few hours or when your neighbour is looking after your home for up to 2 weeks and the duration you would like it to last.
  • Prevent others from identifying your pin code during access, the cryptic code function confuses the onlooker but at the same time allows you to still gain entry.
  • The settings, codes and key cards will remain programmed in the lock in the event the batteries are depleted.
  • Once the correct code or key card is presented, the lock will remain unlocked for 5 seconds and will lock automatically when the 5 seconds expire.