What Is Electronic Lock

As we have ushered in a new age of technology in recent years, we have witnessed the various digital transformations of traditional inventions. For example, we’ve seen how the telephone evolved into a smartphone and a jukebox evolve into an iPod. One such traditional invention that has evolved drastically is the simple lock and key.

Traditional locks and keys nowadays have progressed into electronic locks, a new method of security that reimagines the way we keep our homes, offices, and spaces secure. This has also impacted the role of the humble locksmith. Based on all of this, you might be wondering: what is an electronic lock, and how does it work?

In this article, we will be exploring everything related to electronic locks as we tackle each of these themes below:

  • What is an electronic lock?
  • What are the types of electronic locks?
  • What are the benefits of electronic locks?

What Is An Electronic Lock?

What Is Electronic Lock

Electronic locks are a type of lock that can be locked or unlocked by an electrical current. The electrical current powers an electromagnet, a solenoid (which is an electromagnet with a single coil), or a motor depending on the type of electronic lock.

Electronic locks typically function by two methods: fail-safe or fail-secure.

A fail-safe lock opens on the side of ingress in events of power outages or if an emergency alarm is pulled. Since the electrical current keeps the door locked, removing power will disengage the locking mechanism. While these locks can protect workers in cases of emergency, they can leave the building less secure. 

Meanwhile, a fail-secure lock uses the electrical current to retract the bolt. In case there is a power outage, the bolt will still remain in its locked position, unlike the fail-safe lock. These locks are especially important in times of emergency but are not always ideal for large buildings that have various visitors.

It is important to note, though, that not all electronic locks function under the fail-safe and fail-secure manners. However, the important takeaway is that electronic locks are locks that do not need physical keys for access. They have automated features that help provide a more creative security mechanism than traditional locks.

What Are The Types Of Electronic Locks?

There are various types of electronic locks out there. Here are some of them below:

  • Coded entry: these are one of the most common electronic locks. A keypad is placed outside a door and requires a code to open the door.
  • Smartphone-operated lock: these locks offer remote activation, let you know if you forgot to lock your door or not, and even pre-set lock and unlock times. You can also have other features such as monitoring to see if someone tries to break into your home.
  • Biometric: these locks are a bit more advanced because they take the form of fingerprint scanners, voice-activated locks, or eye scanners. They are also one of the most expensive electronic lock systems out there.
  • Key fob: these locks are special locks that just need to be touched to the lock in order to open the door.
What Is Electronic Lock

What Are The Benefits Of Electronic Locks?

Electronic locks can offer you a wide variety of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • No more hassle of misplacing your keys. Unless you get a key fob, most electronic door locks do not require physical keys and key duplicates.
  • Sharing access is easier. Using a coded entry means that you don’t need to duplicate extra copies of your house keys. Rather, you can share the code with who you choose. Smartphones can also enable access easily. 
  • Revoking access is also easier. Besides sharing access, revoking access is also possible with electronic locks.
  • Electronic locks are harder to pick. This, of course, is in comparison to traditional locks which can be a bit more prone to picking. 


Electronic locks present the newest technology in security nowadays, especially over the traditional lock and key security systems. By making use of electric currents to function, there are several types of electronic locks that offer various benefits for both improved security and increased convenience. 

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