Locksmiths Melbourne What Is Rekeying Lock

Conventional wisdom usually states that replacing your lock is better than rekeying it. However, most of the time, completely replacing your lock is not actually necessary. Instead, you can just ask a locksmith to rekey your lock, which is a cheaper and less difficult alternative.

Truth is, many people might not even be familiar with rekeying a lock and how it works. This can be why people often opt to have a lock replaced completely. However, we’re here to talk all about rekeying a lock: what it is and how it works. 

If you’d like to learn more about what rekeying a lock means, feel free to continue reading our article below.

What Is Lock Rekeying?

Rekeying a lock is a relatively straightforward process that involves a locksmith replacing the pins in the cylinder of the lock. The working key of the lock is replaced but, essentially, the same lock is in place. The only difference is that the pin combination to unlock the lock differs.

In the process of lock rekeying, the lock is taken apart and the key pins or tumblers are replaced inside. The pins will be rearranged such that the old key cannot work anymore with the same lock. 

Rekeying a lock is completely safe as any originally working keys with the lock will be rendered useless. The good thing is that the rekeying process does not take a long time—in fact, you can have the job finished in half an hour. 

Rekeying locks is safe. If the lock has 5 pins, for example, the locksmith should swap the old five pins with five new ones to maintain the same level of security as before. You can do all of this at an affordable price because key pins are extremely low priced. 

Locksmiths Melbourne What Is Rekeying Lock

Rekeying vs. Replacing

Unlike rekeying a lock, replacing a lock is the process of installing entirely new hardware. People typically replace their lock if they want to update the aesthetic of their place or if considerable damage has been done to the lock. 

Replacing your locks is probably best if you’re looking to upgrade your security system such as buying electronic locks. You may also purchase a new lock if you want a different design or want to use locks from the same brand. It is worth noting, however, that replacing your locks may be a little more expensive than rekeying your locks. This is because the price is cheaper for the key pins inside the locks, which makes rekeying locks a more affordable security option. 

When Would I Need To Rekey My Locks?

There are various reasons why you would need to rekey your locks. For example, if you happen to lose your house keys, you can simply rekey the lock and gain a new key in the process. You may also want to rekey your locks if you’ve moved into a new house and aren’t sure who else has a key to your door’s lock. Or, you may want to rekey all your locks so that you just need to use one key for convenience. 

In addition to this, if you’d like your locksmith to examine the condition of your locks, rekeying is a good option. Locksmiths will be able to provide minor maintenance so that your lock is functioning as good as new again. 

Locksmiths Melbourne What Is Rekeying Lock

Can I Rekey A Lock Myself?

To some extent, rekeying a lock can be learned; however, it does require experience and knowledge to carry out. Professional locksmiths are the people to go to if you ever want to have your locks safely and properly rekeyed.


Rekeying your locks is a cheaper and faster alternative than having to replace your locks entirely. By changing the pins inside your lock, any originally working key will be rendered useless in accessing the lock. Since locks can be rekeyed in just thirty minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy fast results.

Rekeying locks are ideal if you plan to prohibit access for other people that may have a key to your lock, if you’ve lost your house keys, or if you’d like to just use one key for all of your locks. Additionally, rekeying your locks allows locksmiths to safely provide minor maintenance. 

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