Commercial Locksmith

Is there really much of a difference between commercial and residential locksmiths? Please keep reading as we explore the differences in this article.

Not all door locks are the same. While both commercial and residential property owners want to make sure that their homes are as secure as possible, there are often some significant differences between the locks that are installed in homes and the locks that a business might use.

These differences mean that it’s important to find the right locksmith for your needs.

Some locksmiths are specialists in working with residential properties, some have invested years of training and a lot of money into the technology required to work with automotive locks.

Other locksmiths work with commercial properties and the highly specialist locks that you will find for that purpose. Then there are mobile locksmiths who have well-rounded skills across a number of areas.

Why Choosing the Right Locksmith Matters

Residential locks are usually fairly simple. They are still robust and secure, however, they are not as complex as commercial locks that are used for businesses.

Residential locks tend to lack sophisticated features such as master keys, and it’s also rare for a home to have multiple locks “keyed alike” (although not unheard of).

While some residential locksmiths offer a wide range of locks and regularly deal with key alike services and master keys, not all of them do.

Commercial locksmiths, on the other hand, have the expertise to handle master key systems, key alike systems, industrial door locks, push-button locks, fire doors and sophisticated locking systems.

Commercial locksmiths have more locks that they can work with, and they understand the complexities that businesses deal with. Take, for example, managing keys for a hotel.

The cleaners need to be able to open every door on the floors that they clean (however, if you have multiple cleaners and each one is designated a specific floor, then you may not want cleaners accessing rooms they are not assigned to).

The hotel manager needs to be able to open every single room. Your customers, on the other hand, need only to access the room that they are assigned to stay in.

You could use electronic locks for that purpose, with swipe cards that will unlock a given room for a limited period of time.

If you don’t want to use electronic locks then you will need to work with a locksmith who understands how to make keys that can handle multiple locks in a safe and secure fashion.

Commercial locksmiths don’t just deal with complex locks for doors, either, they also deal with roller shutters, filing cabinets, safes and anything else that needs locks.

Build a Relationship With a Locksmith

The average homeowner is only going to need to have locks changed on rare occasions and may get the occasional key cut for a house guest or a child that is now old enough to have their own key.

In contrast, a business owner is likely to get far more keys cut to deal with employee turnover.

Depending on the level of security that you need for your business you may make the judgment call that simply having ‘Do Not Copy’ marked keys and getting your employees to turn over the keys when they leave is sufficient.

However, for businesses where security is crucial, it may be more important to change the locks to certain areas whenever a staff member leaves. Many businesses build up a relationship with a locksmith for that reason.

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