Ways to Keep Your Workplace Safe and secure

Are you concerned about the security of your office, retail store or industrial business? Workplace security plays a vital role in keeping employees’ and confidential data safe. Casey Locksmiths emphasises the need for comprehensive security solutions in the workplace to reduce liabilities, compensation claims, insurance, and other potential losses.

At Casey Locksmiths, we work with business owners in various industries as one of the top commercial locksmiths in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We strive to keep your workplace secure and protect things of value such as machinery, staff safety, computers and electronics, and confidential documents.

So, how exactly do you keep your workplace safe? Let’s break it down for you below!

Why Think About Office Security?

It is essential to protect your company, equipment, and business operations. Most workplace managers take office security for granted until a devastating incident like theft. Typically, break-ins dent the reputation and operation of a business, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars in stolen property, property damage and costs associated with updating security measures. 

You can prevent such situations and keep your office secure if you implement an effective office security plan. With a safe office, the workers will feel comfortable and trusted. It will also keep everyone at peace and ensure business operations run smoothly. 

3 Security Tips For Small Offices 

Security is just as crucial for small offices as it is for retail and industrial businesses. Below are three tips to consider to keep your small office safe:

1). Install Bars And Locks

Installing bars on the back windows of your storefront deters criminals. Having double-cylinder deadbolts that require keys on both sides prevents potential criminals from hiding inside your establishment and waiting for it to close.

2). Keep The Safes At The Front 

Most small business owners believe it best to conceal the safe in the back room. Moving them to the front is preferable since unusual occurrences that occur after hours might be seen by people passing by. Bolting them to the floor makes it more difficult for potential burglars to take them away. Leave the least amount of money possible when you close up shop for the evening. 

3). Install Security Cameras

You can also consider installing cameras on your property. They not only prevent intruders from entering your property but also record who was responsible. These cameras work around the clock and can monitor what happens inside and outside your workplace at all times. Security cameras provide a sense of extra protection that will make everyone – guests, clients, and your staff – feel safer.

Ways to Keep Your Workplace Safe

2 Security Tips For Remote Offices

No matter how sophisticated your solutions are for enhancing workplace safety in your remote office, it is essential to prioritise overall security. Here are some top recommendations for improving remote access security:

 1). Keep The Doors Locked

You will significantly improve the security of your home office when you make it a habit to always keep your doors locked. At Casey Locksmiths, we can give you high-quality padlocks, business locks, digital ones, and even house ones.

2). Keep Cash In Safes

Do you keep cash on hand at your place of employment? Getting this money to your bank as soon as possible is the most significant way to keep it safe. However, you might not always be able to go to the bank right away with cash. Because of this, you must have a secure location to store your money in the interim. A good safe can help you to keep your money in while you wait to take it to the bank.

2 Security Tips For Large Offices

There are several security risks that large offices must consider on a daily basis. Not only do these risks include external threats – such as intruders and thieves – but it also includes internal threats, such as getting to know who your employees are. Below are two security tips to help protect your large office:

1). Install An Alarm System

Installing an alarm system is an incredible way to safeguard your company from theft, property damage, and break-ins. An alarm system can help you watch both inside and outside threats while deterring the majority of would-be thieves. An alarm system is easy to manage and monitor through a smartphone, tablet, or PC with the help of a UL-certified central monitoring station.

2). Keep Track Of The Keys

Keeping track of each key you give an employee will help you ensure they return them when they leave. Do not distribute keys to pricey equipment to many people as this can increase theft and break-in threats. Consider installing an access control system with customised key fobs so you can regulate which areas of the building-specific employees are permitted access to.

How To Choose The Right Security System For Your Office

You are obliged to choose a security system that matches the size and needs of your office building. Below are the factors for selecting an ideal security system for your office.

  • Number of doors, employees, and locations in the office
  • Type of inventory and physical assets in the office. They include computers, chairs, table, among other equipment
  • Compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, or SOC2 compliance
  • Sensitive data like financial, health, or IP data
  • Theft and intrusion possibility
  • Extra activities carried out within the premises like social events

Keep Your Premises Safe & Secure with Casey Locksmiths

It’s important to have comprehensive workplace security and explain why to your staff. Thieves and intruders can be a significant threat to any business. Suppose you or an employee accidentally leave windows open or forget to lock the door; in that case, you could be risking your business. Get robust workplace security solutions for a safe and productive workplace.

Casey Locksmiths is a reputable locksmith dedicated to helping you start your journey to installing a security system for your business. When it comes to top-tier workplace security solutions, Casey Locksmith has it all!

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