How Make Duplicate Car Key With Security Chip

The introduction of transponder keys or chip keys has helped elevate automobile security to a whole new level. Chip keys are designed with digital codes which are used to communicate with your vehicle fitted with a transponder system. This helps heighten security and reduce the chances of your vehicle getting stolen.

However, have you ever wondered how a locksmith can duplicate a car key with a security chip in it? If you think this is impossible, then think again! While automobile security has elevated, so has the locksmith industry to help address needs such as these.

If you want to learn more about how locksmiths can duplicate a car key that has a security chip in it, then we’ve got you covered! Please continue reading below for more.

What Are Chipped Keys?

First, let’s understand what chipped keys are in the first place. Chipped keys are car keys that contain chips to prevent car thieves and other security issues.

Chipped keys contain specific digital codes that can communicate with your car and instruct it to start up once the chip is presented by the driver. Only the right chipped key placed into the ignition can start the vehicle. Otherwise, the car will not start up. 

Because chipped keys are much more technologically advanced than traditional car keys, their duplication process is not as simple. There is actually a lot that goes into duplicated chipped keys. 

How Make Duplicate Car Key With Security Chip

Duplicating A Chipped Key

While duplicating a chipped key is more intricate than duplicating a regular car key or a house key, it is still a possible feat nonetheless.

You could contact your dealership; however, this is a much more costly endeavour, even if they can create a key for you simply from your VIN. Plus, they would most likely hire a locksmith to duplicate the key anyway, so it is more cost-efficient for you to seek help from a locksmith yourself.

Locksmiths are trained to adapt to the current technological landscape. In fact, many locksmiths store chipped, programmable car keys in their inventory. This gives them the chance to make a new car key that is compatible with a vehicle’s computer system. 

Typically, it can take an automobile locksmith a few hours to duplicate a chipped car key. They have to first find the key in their inventory, which they will then program. Once it is programmed, they will cut it and then test it on your vehicle.

In a way, chipped keys are equipped with a passcode, which basically means that every chipped key has its own specific signature or assets. Because it is uniquely coded, it cannot be copied like conventional car keys. They must be programmed to your car’s frequency in order for you to start your vehicle.

If the key does not work on your vehicle, then it is important to notify your locksmith. They can easily reprogram the key and ensure that it is working smoothly with your car. 

Since duplicating chipped car keys requires more effort, you may need to pay a bit more for this service compared to the conventional duplicate car or house key requests.

How Make Duplicate Car Key With Security Chip

Tips For Duplicating Chipped Car Keys

There are important considerations that you must remember when seeking out duplication services for your chipped key.

One is to ensure that you seek help from a locksmith that is licensed, insured, bonded, and an authorised vendor for your vehicle. More importantly, make sure your locksmith is affiliated with a legit and professional locksmith organisation to avoid scams.

More importantly, certain car models have a maximum number of times that you can create duplicate chipped keys. A lot of cars, in fact, only allow up to four duplicated chipped keys. Because of this, it is important that you check your car manual or call up your dealership regarding this.


Chipped keys have helped elevate vehicle security in recent years. They make use of a unique code which is the only code that can start your car up once it is placed into the ignition.

Because chipped keys are coded, duplicate chipped keys must also be programmed. This duplication process can take around a few hours, where the locksmith will find your key in their inventory first, program the key, then test it on your vehicle.

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