How Secure Electronic Door Locks

The locksmith industry has evolved massively over the past decade as people are becoming more and more security conscious. Whether you plan to add security systems to your residential property or to a large facility or establishment, security should be of utmost importance – and, with this, it is critical to pick quality security systems for you and your property’s needs.

One such security system that you can consider is the electronic door lock, a new innovative lock that does not require a physical key in order to grant you secure access. However, you might be wondering: are electronic door locks secure? And if so, how secure are they?

If you would like to learn more about electronic locks and how safe they are, feel free to continue reading more of our article below.

What Are Electronic Door Locks?

Before anything, let’s discuss what electronic door locks are. Electronic door locks are locks that can be accessed without the traditional key. They can provide easy access for authorised personnel, monitor who has entered the property and make properties more attractive to potential buyers.

There are various types of electronic locks out there, all of which provide different features and security requirements. Some of these electronic door locks include the following:

  • Smartphone-controlled locks. These locks can be unlocked or locked via WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Biometric door locks. Access is typically granted by scanning fingerprints, eyes, or even voices to authorise entry. 
  • Key fob locks. Also known as proximity locks, key fob locks require the user to carry a key fob. Once the key fob is detected by the lock in its vicinity, it will signal the lock to open the door.
  • Surveillance locks. Surveillance locks require codes in order to be opened. These locks can also take pictures of anyone who opens the lock. 
How Secure  Electronic Door Locks

All of the aforementioned locks above have unique features from each other, and all vary in how they are unlocked, how much they cost, and more. For example, smartphone-controlled locks may not be as expensive as biometric door locks, which are known to be very pricey and exclusive. As such, it is important to conduct your research on these different electronic locks to see which suits you and your property the best.

How Secure Are Electronic Locks?

In answering this question there are a few parameters to understand. For example, just as traditional lock and key systems are prone to security breaches, so are electronic door locks. Traditional locks aren’t that tough to pick, but electronic door locks can be physically broken by intruders, circuits can fail, or Wi-Fi and Bluetooth could cease to function in cases of power outages.

Additionally, electronic locks might be more compatible with you if you and your property are tech-savvy. If you haven’t really adapted to modern times and the technological age, then you may struggle to keep up with an electronic lock.

With this, electronic door locks aren’t necessarily safer than keyed locks since they also have ways they can be compromised; however, this does not mean that they are not safe lock systems. If you are a tech-savvy person who wants easy access, electronic door locks are the right locks for you. Additionally, there is an extensive range of electronic door locks that you can choose from depending on the security needs you are looking for, your budget, ease of use, etc. 

How Secure  Electronic Door Locks

Final Thoughts

Electronic door locks are the latest advancement in security technology nowadays. Typically, electronic door locks are classified as not needing a key to be locked or unlocked. Because of this, there is an extensive range of electronic door locks that are available on the market. However, choosing the right one depends on factors such as budget and tech-savviness. 

Electronic door locks are considered secure, but they can be prone to security breaches just as traditional locks are prone to security breaches too. Therefore, it is important to consider these factors before purchasing a brand new electronic lock system.

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