How Does A Master Key System Work

Did you know that some keys are capable of opening several predefined doors? Well, those keys are actually called master keys, and they provide various benefits for different property settings.

If you want to learn more about master keys, how they work, and what their advantages may be, then please keep on reading!

What Is A Master Key?

A master key is a key that is capable of opening several types of locks. Master keys are part of a whole master key system, in which two or more keys can open one lock. In order to have a master key system, the locks and keys must be of the same make and model.

A master key system is composed of various keys that provide different levels of access. These include:

  • Change Keys or the sub-master keys. This key can open one lock and locks that are exactly the same. Any master key above the change key rank will also be able to open a lock opened by a change key. 
  • Master Keys. Master keys are required to change simple locks into master keyed locks. Without the master key, this means that there can only be one key for a certain lock. 
  • Grand Master Keys. This type of master key can access several master key systems. It can open any master system under it, along with the change keys under the said master system.
  • Great Grand Master Keys. This master key can open any and all grand master key, master key, and change key systems under it. 
How Master Key System Work

How Does A Master Key Work?

Generally, master key systems function from the widely used pin tumbler lock, which consists of a series of small pins in varying lengths. These pin stacks are pushed down by a spring. Once the pin stacks have separated the plug can rotate and the locking bolt can lock or unlock.

A key lifts the key pins within the pin tumbler lock and these key pins can vary in size. On the other hand, the driver pins are of universal size. As such, for a pin tumbler lock to open, the key must have the correct series of grooves in order to lift the key pins to the right height. 

With this, a standard pin tumbler lock can be translated to a master key system by adding a master wafer between the driver and key pin. Once the master wafer is inserted, two shear lines will be created in the pin stack. 

To summarise it, a pin tumbler master lock makes use of a master wafer or pin in between the key pin and the driver pin. 

What Are The Advantages Of A Master Key System?

You might be wondering what kind of advantages a master key system can offer you. The truth is, there are quite a few of them! However, the main benefit of a master key system is that it is very convenient. 

For example, many institutions prefer that their employees do not carry around several keys at once. With this, a master key system is convenient because there are fewer keys in circulation, which means there is also less chance of possibly losing a key.

Additionally, master key systems can provide quick access to various rooms in the establishment, especially for security and management personnel. This can be especially helpful in event of emergencies. 

Moreover, a master key system can also restrict access and entry levels based on the individual’s standing and responsibility in the institution. This makes it easier to maintain security in any part of the premise or property in question.

How Master Key System Work

Final Thoughts

A master key system makes use of two or more keys that can open just one lock. Typically, master key systems make use of pin tumbler master locks, which make use of a master wafer or pin that is wedged between the key pin and the driver pin. However, master key systems can also use different types of locks depending on the desired level of security.

In summary, the more master wafers, then the more keys there are to open the lock due to the increased number of shear lines. 

Master key systems can provide a lot of convenience for you, all while providing the security and safety that you need. This is where trusted locksmith services come onto the equation.

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