Does Your Front Door Lock Provide Adequate Security For Your Home

Not all door locks provide a similar level of security for your home. 

Some are easy to pick while others can simply be pried open or broken with the application of some force. 

A front door lock represents the first line of defence against unwanted entry to your home and it is, therefore, critical to ensure that the lock provides adequate security. 

You should keep the following factors in mind when checking whether a front door lock offers sufficient security or whether a replacement should be considered:

  • Spring-latch locks are common and should be avoided as they are easy to open using a credit card.
  • Is the lock high quality and durable to prevent it from being broken easily?
  • Check the distance between the door and the frame. Is the gap large enough for the door to be pried open?
  • Can the lock be picked easily?
  • Has the lock been professionally installed?
  • Have the keys to the lock ever been lost or stolen?
  • Were the locks replaced when you first moved in?
  • When last were the locks upgraded?
  • Does anyone else who should not have access to the home have access to keys?

Older locks should be replaced with newer, advanced locks. 

Locks should also be replaced when you first move into a house, if the keys have been lost and stolen or if the lock is not functioning properly.

If there is any doubt about whether a replacement should be considered to increase the level of security of the front door lock, call a locksmith for a professional assessment. 

Below are 3 different options for front door locks.

1. Deadbolt Locks

These are the ultimate door locks for increased security and come highly recommended by security experts as they are resistant to being forced open, picked and pried. 

However, even these locks offer different levels of security. The more durable the material and how hard wearing the lock is that determines the quality. 

The better the quality of the deadbolt lock, the greater the security it provides for a longer period of time. 

Always opt for tough, and durable locks that are of high quality.

There are basically three types of deadbolt locks available with variations and additional features available on each:

  • Single cylinder deadbolt locks have a locking mechanism on the one side of the door (usually on the inside) and a keyhole for locking and unlocking on the other side of the door (usually on the outside).
  • Double cylinder deadbolts require a key to lock and unlock the doors on both sides of the lock. 

This provides increased security but is considered to be an escape hazard in the event of a fire.

  • Keyless deadbolts provide the ultimate security and require a password or fingerprint to open the lock.

2. Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks use tumblers and pins in the locking mechanism to ensure that they can only be opened with a key.

These locks are very difficult to pick even by the most determined thief or intruder. 

Patented locks are available to ensure that there is only one key to fit a specific lock. 

3. Lever Locks

Standard lever locks are better suited to indoor locks than for a front door. 

These are your basic locks consisting of a lever handle and basic keyhole with a latch and lock. The lock can only be opened with a key. 

However, duplicating these keys is simple and the locks are easy to pick. 

If a lever lock is currently installed on the front door, it should be replaced sooner rather than when it is too late.

To ensure that your front door lock provides the ultimate security, contact the experts and get a professional assessment or replacement lock from a locksmith.

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