Emergency Locksmith Gain Entry Without Breaking Lock

Are you locked out of your property? Are you worried that you’ll have to break the lock to gain entry, which will cost you hundreds of dollars to have replaced plus possible repairs to a damaged door frame? If you are under the impression that an emergency locksmith has to break the lock in order to get you back into your home, we have good news for you. 

In 90% of locked-out cases, emergency locksmiths can open a lock without damaging it. However, if there has been an attempted break-in or you have high-security locks fitted, you may have to have the lock replaced. Keep on reading our blog as we discuss how an emergency locksmith can help you gain entry without breaking your lock.

What To Do When You Are Locked Out

Before we discuss how an emergency locksmith can help you If you find yourself locked out of your property, let’s discuss what you should do in this situation.

The most important thing you should do when you are locked out is to stay calm and not panic. Feeling panic might cause you to make some regrettable decisions like breaking a window or kicking the door down to get access to your property. This can result in hundreds of dollars of damage. The best thing to do is to call up an emergency locksmith that can meet you and offer help as soon as possible.

Knowing what type of door you have will be helpful when you call an emergency locksmith. You can share this information with your emergency locksmith when you contact them to give them a better understanding of how to get you out of this sticky situation.  This is because each door has a different type of lock and a slightly different way of gaining entry.

Most houses in Australia have wooden or plywood front doors. If this is the case in your situation, you are in luck because these doors can be opened without any damage with special locksmith tools. Wooden doors can usually be opened without causing damage to the lock. 

The only type of lock that may give a locksmith trouble is a Mortice lock or special high-security locks because these locks are more difficult to crack. These elements will have a bearing on how easy it will be to gain access to your property without damaging the lock.

How Does A Locksmith Gain Entry Without Breaking The Lock?

When it comes to safeguarding your home you, need immediate assistance. Emergency locksmiths work with a variety of different locking mechanisms.  The best part is that emergency locksmiths are available 24 hours per day every day of the week to resolve any issues related to lockouts, lost keys, broken keys from a lock, or attempted break-ins. 

The tools of the trade of emergency locksmiths include a variety of different cutting tools used during emergencies to allow them to complete a job swiftly and efficiently. Their main goal is to make sure you can get back into your property as quickly as possible and to ensure that your security is restored.

If you have lost your keys or inadvertently left them inside the house, an emergency locksmith can cut a new key for almost any lock or refashion the existing lock to allow entry. 

Emergency Locksmith Gain Entry Without Breaking Lock

3 Main Ways Emergency Locksmiths Can Gain Entry

There are multiple methods that an emergency locksmith can perform to help you back into your property if you are locked out. These methods include:

1). Cutting A Key to Code

The easiest way to create a new key is from a regular key blank. This method only works if the key code is available such as when a key has broken off inside the lock.

2). Impressioning The Lock

This method allows an emergency locksmith to cut a key without relying on a key code or disassembling the entire lock cylinder. This is akin to lock picking and requires a great amount of practice to develop the skill. Impressioning the lock is the most common practice used by emergency locksmiths to gain entry.

3). Disassembling The Lock

If the above two methods fail, an emergency locksmith will have to disassemble the lock cylinder. This requires completely disassembling the parts of the lock and reassembling them again with precision. 

Final Thoughts

If you have been locked out of your property, an emergency locksmith can gain access to almost any type of lock to get you back inside. Even if you believe there is no way to gain access without damaging the door or lock, an emergency locksmith can find a solution without causing damage.

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