Can Emergency Locksmith Cut Key My House

Do you need to get inside your home, but don’t have a key? Maybe one of your kids lost their house key and you want to make sure they can still get in. Luckily, there are emergency locksmiths that can come out to your location and cut a new key for you. 

Emergency locksmiths are able to provide the quickest service because they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’d like to learn more about them and whether they can cut a key at your house, feel free to continue reading below!

What Does An Emergency Locksmith Do?

An emergency locksmith is an expert who works with a variety of locking mechanisms. These individuals have several responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding the home from unwanted intruders, including providing assistance in emergencies that require immediate attention and resolving any issues related to lockouts or keys that may be stuck inside doors.

These professionals also have access to many different types of cutting tools needed for important services during emergencies like fire, burglary attempts, etc. This allows them to complete these jobs swiftly and effectively. 

In essence, the job of an emergency locksmith is to make sure that you can get in or out when you need it most. They are the guys who will help if your keys break off inside a lock, open doors for people locked out by accident, and replace lost house keys.

Can An Emergency Locksmith Cut A Key At My House?

If you happened to lose your key or got it stuck in your lock, an emergency locksmith is more than capable of cutting a new key or refashioning your lock for you right at your doorstep. There are a couple of common ways that a locksmith might do this, three of which we will be discussing below:

1. Cutting The Key To Code

Cutting the key to code is the most basic way a locksmith can cut a key at home. A key code is what comprises the set of characters that make each lock unique. There are usually two types of key codes, but an emergency locksmith will focus on the bitting code. The bitting code is the code that is used to create the actual keys from a regular key blank. 

However, this method can only work if the emergency locksmith has access to the necessary key code. Without it, they will not be able to cut a new lock.

Can Emergency Locksmith Cut  Key My House

2. Impressioning The Lock

By impressioning a lock, locksmiths are able to make keys without having to disassemble the entire cylinder or rely on decoding. This is often the most common practice amongst emergency locksmiths because it’s efficient, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! It takes practice and fine-tuning just like picking does. This process can be difficult and requires practise for one’s skill development.

3. Disassembling The Lock

Emergency locksmiths can cut a new key by disassembling the lock. If they cannot cut the key to code, or if their attempt at impressioning fails, an emergency locksmith will usually disassemble the entire lock cylinder. They try and reverse engineer bitting for the key which requires taking apart all the parts of the lock completely so they can be reassembled with precision. Bits are measured against their original position relative to one another until success is achieved by finding what combination works best together. 

What Else Can An Emergency Locksmith Do?

An emergency locksmith is a professional who can help you with any home, car or business lockout situation. These technicians are trained to be able to handle all types of lock and key issues as well as security concerns. They have the necessary tools that allow them access into your locked out space quickly. This greatly reduces the time it takes for an issue like this to get resolved easily without causing too much disruption to your daily routine.

With that, emergency locksmiths are highly skilled, reliable, and recommended for situations where you encounter unique and emergency security situations.


If you’re locked out of your house, an emergency locksmith can cut a key for any type of lock. Even if you think there’s no way to get in without damaging the door or breaking the window, they’ll find a solution that doesn’t cause damage and is less expensive than replacing your entire front door. If you’re in need of a locksmith, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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