What Are Sash Locks

Nowadays, there is a multitude of lock systems out there that help cater to your specific security needs. In fact, it can be quite confusing to distinguish these lock systems from each other. However, the numerous lock systems out there mean that there is definitely a lock system for you.

One such lock system is the sash lock, a lock that is commonly used for home security. It is classified as a mortise lock, next to the more commonly known deadlock. However, what exactly is a sash lock, how does it work, and how does it compare to other locks? Please continue to read below to find out more!

What Is A Sash Lock?

A sash lock is classified as one of two types of mortice locks (next to deadlocks), which are common locks used for home security. Typically, mortice locks are composed of two main parts: the lock body that is fitted in the thickness of the door and the box keep.

A sash lock includes a latch and a bolt. The latch is usually operated with a key that can lock or unlock the lock. Moreover, sash locks are often installed on back doors. 

With a sash lock, you will be able to open and close the door without having to use a key. Additionally, sash locks can be locked with a key from both sides. 

There are different security levels associated with sash locks. The first level is a 3-lever lock – which is mid-security – while the highest security is the 5-lever lock. Depending on your security needs, you could use a 3-level lock on the inside doors while a 5-lever lock can be placed on the outside doors.

What Are Sash Locks

Sash Locks vs. Deadlocks

As previously mentioned, mortise locks are composed of two types of locks: sash locks and deadlocks. While they are both under the same class of locks, sash locks and deadlocks have a couple of differences as well.

The most common difference between the two is that while sash locks have a latch that can open and close the lock, deadlocks do not have a latch to open the lock. This means that doors with deadlocks can only be unlocked by a key, while doors with sash locks can be opened and closed without using a key. Rather, you can just lock a sash lock when you go out. Essentially, the deadlock is like the sash lock but without a latch. 

Additionally, sash locks are commonly installed on back doors while deadlocks are commonly installed on front doors. 

Benefits Of Sash Locks

Sashlocks, as a mortise lock, is beneficial for a number of reasons. The main benefit is that it promotes security by being harder to force open compared to traditional cylinder locks. This is because sash locks are fitted into the door, meaning that the amount of force required to break the door open is much higher. 

Another benefit of sash locks is that they are easily customisable. They come in different sizes that can accommodate any door size, whether it be small or large. 

Sash locks also have a higher aesthetic appeal compared to traditional cylinder locks. It provides a classic, antique appearance and comes in more designs than traditional cylinder locks do. 

Additionally, sash locks are available in multiple variations that offer different levels of security depending on what you are looking for. This makes them a flexible lock to choose.

What Are Sash Locks


Sash locks are a type of lock that consists of a latch and a bolt. It is classified as a mortice lock and is commonly installed on back doors. It can be used in conjunction with a deadbolt, also another type of mortice lock.

Sash locks are beneficial because they provide higher security than traditional cylinder locks. They also come in different variations and security levels which you may choose from depending on your security needs. 

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