Locksmiths Melbourne Can Put Deadbolt Sliding Door

Are you looking for ways to better secure your sliding door? Sliding doors are often equipped with simple latches but it’s understandable for one to feel like this security measure is lacking. Luckily, you can not only install a deadbolt on your sliding door but also install other security measures as well.

If you’d like to learn more about the different ways you can secure your sliding door, please feel free to continue exploring our article below.

Securing Sliding Doors

Aside from installing deadbolts on your sliding door, there are multiple other ways that you can secure your sliding doors. In this article, we’ll be talking about five methods for better security. These methods include the following:

1). Installing Auxiliary Locking Mechanisms

The default latch that comes with your sliding door does not always provide the highest security measure. Having these locks changed can help address this situation so long as you consult with a local locksmith who can recommend the best locking mechanisms for your sliding door.

You can consider installing high-security chains or add a simple auxiliary lock in addition to the default lock the sliding door comes with. If the frame of your sliding door permits it, you can install a secure deadbolt or a sliding door loop lock so that it makes it all the more difficult to bypass the sliding door. Make sure to choose an auxiliary lock that complements the lock you already have to ensure maximum security.

Locksmiths Melbourne Can  Put Deadbolt Sliding Door

2). Fortifying The Glass Around The Lock

The best security is one that comes in layers. One example is by fortifying the glass around the lock by purchasing glass security film to absorb the impact of break-in attempts. 

Fortifying the glass around the lock is beneficial in two ways: one, it minimises the visibility from outside your home, and two, the fragility of your glass is minimised. With glass security film, you’ll be able to deliver this in a cost-effective manner especially since there are no installation costs associated.

You can also choose to replace your sliding glass doors with impact-resistant sliding glass doors, but this is a more extreme and costly option. This is why many people choose to use glass security films as an alternative instead.

3). Installing Security And Motion Sensor Alarms

Motion sensor alarms can help you be more aware of the condition of your sliding glass door lock. If installed in the right locations, they can act as a secondary security measure to help aid your sliding glass door locks. Motion sensor alarms can be cost-effective in the long run; however, it’s best to consult with a local locksmith to help you position our motion sensor alarms in the appropriate places. 

4). Installing DIY Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras serve somewhat the same purpose as the previously mentioned motion sensor alarms. It allows you to monitor your sliding glass door to assess how your locks are performing. It also gives you the advantage of timely reactions when you see things that are suspicious. 

Sensors, alarms, and other surveillance are more passive forms of security; however, they are meant to add more layers to your already existing security measures for added assurance that your home is safe.

Locksmiths Melbourne Can  Put Deadbolt Sliding Door

5). Installing Sliding Glass Door Shades

The glass of sliding doors gives a beautiful aesthetic. However, while they can let natural light flow into homes, burglars could use this to their advantage by freely peeking into your home. This also means that they can see what type of sliding glass door lock you’re using and easily find a way to manipulate it. 

Sliding glass door shades are a way to secure your sliding door lock and discourage burglars from targeting your home. They will most likely bypass a house that clearly has multiple security measures. 

Final Thoughts

Installing a deadbolt on your sliding door is possible provided that your sliding door frame permits it. However, there are also other measures you can put in place to further secure your sliding doors such as installing motion sensor alarms, applying glass security film, or installing glass door shades. Nonetheless, it’s best to talk to your local locksmith who can help you better decide which security measures are best for your sliding door.

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