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Are you wondering how a locksmith makes a new key for a lock? Are you searching for insider information that gives a glimpse into the science of key cutting? If so, please read below for more.

A lot of commercial keys say ‘Do Not Duplicate’ on them, and business owners and employees often assume that this means that the keys cannot be copied.

However, this is not always the case. If you have a key that is marked with that warning and you need copies, then you do have options open to you.

There are several methods of making keys for any type of lock including residential, commercial, and automotive locks. In this article, we will look at the following:

  • Key cutting with scoping
  • Decoding to make keys
  • Casting to make keys
  • Replacing car keys by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Key Cutting With Scoping

The actual locking mechanism for vehicles, buildings, and safes have remained the same for many decades. Keyless ignition systems are the latest method used in modern vehicles.

When you have lost the keys of your car, home, office or safe, a professional locksmith will use a method known as scoping to make a new key to open the lock.

The locksmith will insert a tiny specialised scope into the lock to make a new key when you have lost the keys to the lock.

The locksmith will examine the locking cylinders with this method and cut a new key to match the unique properties of the specific lock. This method is 100% non-destructive compared to some of the other key cutting methods.

Decoding To Make Keys

Almost every modern lock has a factory key code that has a series of characters. The locksmith can use this code to make a new key for the specific lock. The code consists of a random string of letters and numbers.

However, a licensed locksmith knows how to read this code and cut a new key according to the specific code. The locksmith will insert these letters into a code cutter – which is a tool that cuts new keys using the specific information.

An experienced locksmith will use a technique called visual decoding to cut a new key for a specific lock. If you have a worn-out key that doesn’t respond correctly, the locksmith will inspect the key to assess how a new key should be cut.

They will use the visual clues to make a new key for the specific lock.

Casting To Make Keys

When you need a new key for a very old lock, the locksmith may use a technique known as casting to cut the new key.

If you have an old safe, an antique desk or an old medicine cabinet, casting is the best technique to cut a new key for such locks. Casting is a very effective key cutting technique when used by a professional and experienced locksmith.

Your locksmith may use wax or high-quality moulding clay to cast a key.

Replacing Car Keys By The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Every vehicle has been assigned a unique Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. When you lose the keys to the vehicle, a professional and experienced locksmith can replace your key with the information included in the VIN.

The locksmith will forward the VIN and customer information to the relevant authorities in the country and obtain a key code to cut the new key.

The key code is used to make a new key for your vehicle by using data from the manufacturer.

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