How COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting Locksmith Industry

COVID-19 took the world by surprise and turned everything upside down. The year 2020 seems like a nightmare. Not one person or industry has been exempt. Everyone is affected – severely.

This also includes the locksmith industry. Locksmiths are considered essential and have remained open. However, with businesses closing down and hardly any new ones are opening, the industry has been down 78%. Most locksmiths have also opted to suspend their services to stay at home and stay safe from the risks of COVID-19.

Effects Of COVID-19 That We Have Seen So Far

  • Despite being considered essential, locksmiths have significantly fewer clients to service. Due to the restriction of movement and travel, people being scared and strict social distancing, no new businesses opening, and the majority of businesses closing down, it has been very tough on the industry.
  • Over 90% of businesses have closed down, notably restaurants, bars, and retail stores. They have thousands if not tens of thousands of workers who may still have a key to their place of employment.
  • A majority of regular locksmith patrons – residential or commercial, have put a pause on locksmithing services because of lockdown protocols, safety precautions, and financial reasons.
  • Business owners view the COVID-10 downtime as a chance to make repairs, perform maintenance, and carry out upgrades to their doors and windows, security installations and other essentials related to security. With no clients coming in, a lot of businesses use the time to perform uninterrupted security maintenance and upgrades.
  • The fear of crime like theft, looting, and vandalism has risen so business establishments are keeping tighter security measures and upgrading their security systems.
  • Because there are fewer businesses to service and even fewer households that require help, competition is steeper.
  • Getting supplies, tools, materials, and other essentials to do business is harder due to logistic problems.
How COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting Locksmith Industry

Locksmiths are the first people in a business and the last people in a business. Business establishments and organisations call their trusty locksmiths before launching or opening the business and when they shut down. Locksmiths are the key to any business’s security.

Fortunately, the worst may be over. Since June, businesses have slowly started to open, although most businesses are now focusing on their online stores and home delivery. Even with the resurgence of new cases and suburbs going into lockdown again, businesses are bouncing back slowly, one at a time. 

And based on the last few months during the height of the pandemic, businesses and even households have released how important security is. We have also adjusted and started doing business under the new normal.

With the new normal, businesses now require touchless security and other upgrades to keep up with social distancing standards. All of which require the services of a locksmith.

Services Required From Locksmiths Under The New Normal

  • Installing thermal scanners by the entrance.
  • Automated sanitation areas
  • Regular windows and doors are being automated into touchless technology.
  • Security personnel are not allowed to check customers bags and belongings for safety purposes so establishments are installing x-ray scanners and other modern technology.
  • Check out counters are being upgraded to minimise the handling of products during checkout.
  • More security cameras are being installed.
  • Security is being upgraded to more sophisticated and elaborate systems due to the potential of thefts, looting and riots.
  • More and more vehicles are equipped with high-end security systems.
  • Even households are now requiring more stringent security.
How COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting Locksmith Industry

With strict safety protocols, locksmiths need to invest in Personal Protective Equipment or PPE like surgical masks, gloves, and a lot of alcohol and hand sanitisers. This means money out of their pockets that will take a chip away at their profits. 

There is no doubt the Locksmith industry has taken a big blow during these trying times especially, the small-time locksmiths that rely heavily on the patronage of the local community and small businesses. This is why it is important to support local businesses where and when you can.

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