Can Emergency Locksmith Install Keyless Entry Lock French Doors

Did you know that keyless entry locks that are commonly used in cars can now be installed as domestic locks? However, can they be installed on all doors, french doors included? 

Well, impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men. With a highly skilled and experienced locksmith, nothing is impossible! 

Why should you install a keyless entry lock system on French doors? Moreover, can an emergency locksmith do the installation? Read on to find out.

How to Install Keyless Entry Locks on French Doors

It can be scary to install a keyless entry lock or any lock for that matter. This is especially true if you’ve never swapped one before. Don’t fret! With a competent, experienced, and professional locksmith, the work is as good as done. 

With a cylindrical lockset and deadbolt, an experienced locksmith can install any exterior-door lockset including keyless entry locks on french doors. Simple as it sounds, it requires expertise that only experienced emergency locksmiths such as Casey Locksmiths have. 

Therefore, an emergency locksmith can install a keyless entry lock on French doors without compromising the security of your home.  

Top 5 Benefits of Having Keyless Entry Locks on French Doors

1. Convenience is Key

When it comes to the benefits of keyless entry, convenience is certainly the first issue that springs to mind. However, it’s about more than just having simple access. Electronic door locks, such as keypads, are also simple to install and operate.

Most locks accommodate upgrading, allowing you to rapidly convert from a classic mechanical door with zero inconveniences. Moreover, most keyless locks are run using rechargeable batteries. This helps to lower installation costs and time used in wiring. It also prevents access issues caused by power outages.

2. Offers Better Access Control than Traditional Locks and Keys

It’s critical to have door locks that can manage the specific needs of a building and its users. This is more important for security-sensitive places or enterprises with a high turnover rate.

In such places, keyless access is always a better option. This is because physical keys can be lost, taken, or duplicated, but a passcode if well-chosen and changed regularly, protects against unauthorised access.

Can Emergency Locksmith Install Keyless Entry Lock French Doors

3. Saves Time and Money

The price of re-keying physical locks every time a key gets lost can build up over time, especially when the doors involved are many. Monitoring physical keys also necessitate a great deal of structure and supervision. This involves time and money that may be better invested elsewhere.

In contrast, adding or withdrawing access is straightforward and quick with keyless entry locks. User-friendly features such as bilingual voice guidance for coding and cutting-edge touchscreen help in changing access levels and times. This makes it simple to manage a large group of people without the need for specialised equipment or technical experience.

4. More Stylish and Modern

The visual appearance of keyless entry systems evolves in tandem with technology. As such, many smart door locks on the market today come in an appealing package comprised of robust materials. These materials help to protect not only against unauthorised access but also against harsh weather elements.

Additionally, the use of touchscreen interfaces in biometric door locks has helped to raise design standards in comparison to classic keypad locks. Their smooth, seamless surface has a more sophisticated appearance, similar to that of modern products such as smartphones and laptops.

5. Offers Advanced Security

A house is only as secure as its locks. Luckily, with keyless entry locks, people do not have to worry about their premises being broken into. This is because the locks are foolproof and only people with the current passcode can access the building.

Casey Locksmiths; The Best Emergency Locksmith For all Your Keyless Entry Lock Needs

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