Can Emergency Locksmith Fix Jammed Door Lock

Jammed door locks are one of the most common problems emergency locksmiths have to deal with daily. This frustrating situation can sometimes be avoided by proper lock maintenance that includes cleaning and lubricating. However, broken keys, misaligned strike plates, and other problems may cause your door locks to jam. Even though a door lock may look like a simple device from the outside, its internal working mechanism can be quite complicated which makes it tricky to diagnose the problem.  

If your door does become jammed, don’t attempt to unjam the lock by force as it can further damage the lock mechanism as well as the internal structure of the junction and door frame. If the door lock is old it can easily become jammed and it either needs to be repaired or replaced. When it comes to lock repair, unless you know what to do, it is best to rely on the expert knowledge of a professional locksmith to do the job quickly and successfully. 

Casey Locksmiths offer a wide range of Residential, Commercial, Automotive, and 24-hour emergency locksmith services right across Melbourne. All our expert locksmiths are fully licensed and highly qualified to provide you with the best locksmith services and advice.

Broken Lock

A broken door lock can jeopardise the security of your home or office and should be fixed as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your property. When you insert your key into the lock but it won’t turn, it could be jammed due to accumulated dirt or the lock mechanism may be broken. 

Forcing the key to turn may further damage the lock mechanism or the key may break off in the lock. A locksmith can quickly assess the problem and use the proper tools to unjam the lock. If the lock cannot be unjammed from the outside, it may need to be removed to provide access to the inner mechanism. The locksmith will advise you if the lock has been damaged to such an extent that it needs to be replaced.

Can Emergency Locksmith Fix  Jammed Door Lock

Faulty Lock Bolt

If the doorknob or key turns but the lock does not work, the mechanical parts of the lock may be damaged. This is usually due to wear and tear as a result of age or damage caused by tampering. A mechanical issue usually requires the lock to be repaired or replaced. High security or commercial locks should only be opened and repaired or replaced by a qualified locksmith.

Picked Lock or Attempted Break-In

After a break-in, the locks have most likely been manipulated to gain entry leaving them ineffective. A professional locksmith can quickly assess the security situation following a burglary and repair or change the locks if necessary. If the locks have been tampered with in an attempted break-in you will need to upgrade your security with quality locks to ensure optimal security is restored. All our locksmiths are highly trained and qualified in the latest locksmith technologies to give you the best and most informed solutions to any security issues you may have following a burglary.

Professional Locksmith Service Melbourne

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