Best Ways to Secure a Rental Property

When you’re the owner of a rental home, it is essential to encourage renter insurance, but it’s also crucial to ramp up the level of security to keep tenants safe and protected. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict when a possible intruder will attempt to gain access to a property. However, taking action by installing different types of equipment can help you thwart those attacks on your rental properties. Of course, it takes more than just a door lock to keep the bad people away, but the right combination of security measures will help you protect your investment and those inside it with ease.

Reasons why you need to level up your rental home security

Levelling up your rental home’s security is essential for several reasons. It’s a step you should take for the following reasons:

  • It prevents intruders from breaking in through any door and window.
  • You can monitor the people spending time around your investment property with security systems for renters.
  • The measures you take to install different equipment, such as motion detector devices and home security cameras, will leave your renters feeling much safer.
  • Potential thieves and unsavoury people may avoid the home when they see the security systems and other devices installed for protection purposes.

5 best ways to increase security on your rental property

You can take several steps to enhance security measures even further, providing a safer space for renters while preventing thieves from getting into your property. These steps include:

  • Outdoor Cameras
  • Smart Home System
  • Ring Alarm
  • Security Camera
  • Professional Monitoring

Outdoor Cameras

Having outdoor cameras installed is a convenient security option that will allow you to monitor the ground floor and above. You’ll have several options, including using a base station or system COS to connect the cameras to the internet via your router. In addition to visibly seeing what’s happening around the home with the cameras, the equipment you select may even come equipped with a motion sensor. The sensor would alert you of any activity around the home, whether it’s a person or an animal lingering nearby.

Smart Home System

When installing a security system, consider getting a smart home system that includes video doorbells and other surveillance components designed to run off your internet. These systems are convenient because they run on the internet and offer a lot of ideal features that can save you time and effort while allowing you to monitor everything on the go. Most of these systems come with a downloadable app that enables you to monitor things from anywhere, even if you’re travelling abroad.

Best Ways to Secure a Rental Property

Ring Alarm

Most people love using the ring alarm, and with good reason. You can install this alarm at the front door so that it captures footage of those standing in front of your door. Your renters can even interact with the people standing in front of the ring doorbell, whether they’d like to ask them what they’re doing or let them know they’re not currently home. For example, if a neighbour wants to drop off something, the renters could tell them, “We can’t get to the door right now.” It serves more than one purpose, operating as a way for renters to communicate with those who knock at the door while also maintaining a greater level of safety just in case a suspicious person is standing in front of the home.

Security Camera

Even if you don’t specifically use a smart system, you can still purchase high-resolution cameras and install them throughout the property with the opportunity to see everything happening outside the building. There are all types of cameras available, including options that provide clear night vision if something happens at night that you would need to see.

Professional Monitoring

Another option is professional monitoring. You can contact different home security companies to get a price quote for services and then compare them before deciding if it’s something you’d like to invest in for the rental property. The good thing about these systems is that if anyone tries to break into the home, a silent alarm sounds off, and the local authorities automatically receive notification of the situation.

Final thoughts

If you own a rental home, be sure to take extra precautionary measures to prevent theft, break-ins, and other issues. These measures will keep your tenants safe while protecting your property more than ever.

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