Emergency Locksmiths Busy Christmas

Emergency locksmiths in Melbourne need to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even during the holidays. In fact, the holidays and especially Christmas are often the busiest times for emergency locksmiths. But why should locksmiths experience such a great increase in business during Christmas? Here are some answers:

1. Theft

Crime increases over the holidays as criminals become more desperate and take advantage of all the extra shopping that takes place at this time of year. People generally buy expensive gifts making robbery a lucrative enterprise over Christmas. The National Crime Victimisation Survey (NCVS) estimates that robberies increase around 20% at this time of year.

This increase means a rise in keys that are stolen and locks that are broken meaning that emergency locksmiths are working harder to keep people safe. It is crucial to have your locks replaced or rekeyed as soon as possible if you think your keys have been stolen or your home has been robbed. There is nothing stopping the robbers from returning once you have replaced your items unless you increase your security and change those locks.

2. Lost And Misplaced Keys

Another reason that locksmiths don’t get much downtime over Christmas is that more keys seem to be lost or misplaced over this time. There is nothing quite like arriving at your car or home and realising that your keys are missing to put a damper on your Christmas spirit. The increase in lost keys seems to be due to people being a little more stressed out with Christmas shopping and other festive activities that keep people busy.

Your emergency locksmith will come to your rescue as soon as possible so that you can get into your home or car. They will also provide you with a new set of keys on the spot. If you feel that your lost keys have put your personal safety or your belongings at risk, the locksmith will be happy to change or rekey your locks for added protection.

Emergency Locksmiths Busy Christmas

3. Jammed Locks

Most people are unaware that changes in air temperatures can cause the doorframe and door to swell or contract and become misaligned, especially as the weather in Melbourne gets warmer in December. This results in locks that become more difficult to lock and unlock and eventually become jammed.

However, don’t try and break the door down! An emergency locksmith knows just how to deal with locks that have become jammed and will get you inside while ensuring that your doors don’t become damaged in the process. However, your locksmith may recommend calling a handyman to realign the door and frame or replace the door entirely to prevent your locks from becoming jammed again.

4. Broken And Damaged Keys

Keys are designed to be durable but can break. A lock that is difficult to open or lock and general wear and tear can take their toll. The problem is that keys usually break in the lock. So even if you have a spare set, you may find yourself locked out.

Emergency locksmiths will get the broken key out of the lock, unlock your door as well as replace the broken or damaged key for you. There’s no need to wait for replacements. A professional locksmith will provide you with new keys on the spot.

If you find yourself locked out of your home or your car during this Christmas period, Casey Locksmiths in Melbourne are here to come to your rescue. No matter the time of day or night, just give us a call and we will be with you as soon as possible to resolve the problem.

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